Founder’s Intention

My passions in life are personal growth and self-discovery. I have been pursuing this majority of my life, both consciously and subconsciously. I enjoy being able to share my understanding of life's experiences with others for the purpose of guiding them on a path of health and to a place in life where they can acknowledge their value in this world is a huge added bonus for me. The better you become, the better I become, the better we can become. My life’s journey hasn’t always been sunshine rainbow and unicorns. Some of my greatest lessons have begun from emotionally finding myself in dark places mentally and emotionally that at times has felt lonely and cold. What good would this life be, if we never had things that we could improve, grow, evolve, experience and discover about ourselves? How boring would life be if we were not consistently evolving, challenging ourselves and discovering greater understanding through experience, through history, through different cultures? My journey has heavily been guided through fitness and exercise. This is where I have identified acknowledgment of my physical body and open door to understanding my spiritual life-force. Exposing my weaknesses, revealing my strengths was also introducing me to the unknown. This is why I have created ZERK. To provide the opportunities for each individual to move, to breath, to authentically express themselves in this world is pure magic and something I personally cannot turn my back on. ZERK has been created to encourage and support the steps towards your journey of self-discovery and self-validation easier while you add value to your self-worth. Opening doorways for you that once remained closed, doorways which you never knew existed, doorways that once allowed room for excuses and procrastination to build momentum faster than the momentum of willpower of self-belief. You will now have a push towards a positive direction, a push that encourages momentum from a positive thought that can now build and reflect into positive actions faster than ever before. To be able to freely and authentically express myself, my passions, and my experiences through this app is the magic I have to offer you to grow, to evolve, to experience and to discover.